5 fun things to do during the Eid break

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Take a peek into the fascinating world of life under the ocean.Visit the new Mall of Muscat Aquarium and treat your family to the incredible experience of seeing over 30,000 kinds of marine life from brightly coloured fish, to large sharks, graceful floating sting rays, intriguing octopus and many more amazing creatures. Spread over two floors, the aquarium has a demi-tunnel that runs through the main part of the tank, giving visitors the thrilling feeling that they are actually under the ocean. Covering over 8,000 sqm, the aquarium also houses some 50 exhibits that are as educative as they are interesting. An amazing three million litres of water has been used to recreate marine habitats off the coast of Oman, definitely worth a visit.


If the visit to the aquarium leaves you feeling like you’ve just visited a magical realm, then follow it up with a visit to the Museum of Illusions at Muscat Grand Mall. A thrilling place full of impossibly creative and mind-bending visual effects that will trick your eye and entertain your mind. This quirky museum hosts more than 70 interesting exhibits that use optical illusions which are both interactive and educational. In addition to these there are various games, puzzles and activities, which are suitable for people of all ages. They also have a ‘Smart Shop’ where you can buy games that will challenge the mind and keep you and the kids entertained for hours.


After a day of exercising your mind, how about some physical activity that will release those happy endorphins. Take time to visit the exciting, 4,700 sqm Trampo Extreme Family Entertainment Centre located at Ghala. There are several activities to choose from, such as ‘Clip’N’Climb’, ‘Drop Slide’, ‘Goal Jnr’, ‘Skytrail’, ‘Ninja Zone’, and the popular ‘Trampo Twister’, an indoor cave and tunnel area. Their main attraction however, is the ‘Trampoline Zone’, which is Oman’s largest trampoline area, complete with foam pits, basketball, trapeze, battle beam, and air bags. For younger kids, they have a soft play area called ‘Trampo Junior’ with its own trampoline zone and foam pits.


For those in your family or among your friends who would like less vigourous activity, plan to spend some time at Funzone. Located near the Rose Gardens in Qurum, this is a great place for people across all ages. Spread over 6,000 square feet, Funzone offers over 20 activities from billiard, bowling, ice skating, kids’ area, bumper cars, laser tag shooting and of course a place to rest with lunch and dinner or a great cup of coffee. The most popular activity, is of course, the ice-skating. There’s a quirky kind of appeal to the idea of gliding along on ice, and one cannot deny that it is a perfect way to beat the summer heat.

Another perfect way to escape the heat and have fun is Bowling. This fun activity is one of the best ways to burn calories, make memories with friends, and sharpen your hand-eye coordination skills. While bowling might not sound that exciting, it can be an amazing experience, and when the whole family gets involved it can get pretty interesting. There is nothing more satisfying than sending a ball thundering down the lane and hearing the pins clatter as you score a strike! The best part is that you don’t need to be a pro to enjoy the game. The fun lies in simply playing the game. There are quite a few bowling alleys in Muscat: Oman Bowling Centre in Al Khuwair, Al Masa Bowling in Al Masa Mall, and the Star Bowling Centre at Fun Zone in Qurum.

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