Al Bana township a valley of natural charm

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IBRI: Al Bana township is one of the beautiful places in the Wilayat of Ibri in the Governorate of Al Dhahirah. Surrounded by mountains, the township can be reached via Wadi Al Ain, which is about 35 kilometres away from the main street of Muscat-Ibri.
Al Bana has a rich heritage and glorious history. There are several old mosques such as Al Bana Mosque and Ilzam Mosque, in addition to old edifices like Al Jami Tower, Al Qrain Tower and Al Junat Tower.
Ali bin Said al Meqrashi, one of the shaikhs of the village, said: “Al Bana township has enjoyed a large share of government services such as health, education and roads. It has a population of 4,200 people, 90 per cent of whom live in the centre of the township, while the rest live on its outskirts, in the agricultural areas.”
“The friendly villagers greet visitors with a smile and treat them with hospitality in traditional style, which is typical of Omanis since ancient times”, he told the Oman News Agency.
“Most of the villagers are farmers. They love the palm tree and instil the passion for agriculture in their children too. Children can be seen with their parents helping them water the crops and do other agricultural work. A number of villagers are engaged in grazing and raising livestock such as sheep, cows and camels. Some of them are into commercial activities.”
In Al Bana township, there are large farms with green orchards, palm groves, mangoes, lemons and bananas, as well as large areas that are allocated for animal feed, such as corn, alfalfa, wheat and others.
The villagers depend on falaj water for irrigating their farms. There are a number of aflaj in the village such as Falaj al Hilo, which has a continuous flow of water during winter and summer, and Falaj al Murr. There are several water springs such as Al Murra Spring.
Al Bana township is characterised by its beautiful valley, through which water flows throughout the year. Visitors from within and outside the wilayat come to Al Bana township to enjoy the sight of water rippling between the rocks and the chirps of wild birds. — ONA

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