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The sultanate ranked second in the Arab region in the Global Cybersecurity Index (GCI) 2018-19.

It was issued by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and published on its website.

The sultanate scored 868 points and ranked 16th in the world in the index that includes 175 countries after the UK, the US, France, Lithuania, Estonia, Singapore, Spain, Malaysia, Canada, Norway, Australia and Luxembourg.

The sultanate is also among the top three Arab countries in the Gulf region along with Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the world rankings. The sultanate got high score in legal and capacity building pillars, the report said, pointing out that the sultanate has a strong regulatory structure, including a high-level strategy for cybersecurity, a master and comprehensive plan and a road map.

It added that the sultanate has established a framework for eGovernment work, which is a set of internationally best practices and process management systems to enhance the delivery of government services in line with the mission of eGovernment.

It is related to the rules and procedures by which governmental IT projects and systems are guaranteed to be sustainable and aligned with ITA strategies and objectives and provide assurance about the value of IT projects and IT risk management.

The report said that the sultanate has shown positive measures on the ecosystem health, known as ‘Green Cyber’ for the national information infrastructure sectors, which aims to enhance communication and response to incidents and capabilities of the participating teams and to ensure a continuous collective effort to mitigate the cyberthreats among the Cyber Incidents Response Teams (CIRTs) in the Arab region.

The sultanate scored 0.187 in the cybersecurity measure, 0.184 points in the technical measure, 0.197 in the organisational measure, 0.195 in the capacity building measure and 0.160 in the cooperation index.

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