Experience history and more from up above the Muttrah Fort

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Muttrah is not only historical but full of surprises. The ancient town continues to be a bustling place just as it did about a millennium ago. A natural harbour meant the location was ideal for traders in the past and today, it is a major destination for cruise ships and the site has become a distinct touristic attraction. Watching majestically at all four directions across the sea and inward to the land is the Muttrah Fort. The fort on its own can narrate history through its architecture and the displayed French cannons.
Step into the fort and one can go back in time. A series of steps takes the visitor up to the entrance of the fort which cannot be seen from the seafront. As we enter, there is a traditional sitting area. Attached to the wall is a reminder displayed in four languages. It requests the visitors to be cautious while exploring the fort and children have to be accompanied by adults at all times.
The board also said, “For your own safety, please use caution when walking on uneven surfaces, when approaching overlooks, and ledges. Stay well behind guard rails and use handrails when climbing stairs.”
Some of the finest views can be seen from here because the Muttrah Fort is located on a mountain ridge overlooking both the city and the bay of Muttrah.
The fort played a crucial role in the past as its towers and ramparts made it an ideal protection to keep away attacks from both the sea and the inland.
The architectural display has also been a witness to the history of Oman. According to the authorities, originally an Omani fort was supposed to have been built in the year 913 AH/1507 AD, the Portuguese later added two towers and a curtain wall to the existing structure.
Later in the 18th century, under Al Busaidy dynasty the fort underwent further enhanced additions of curtain walls and towers.
Years later the fort went through yet another facelift when the Ministry of Heritage and culture in 1980 using traditional methods and materials as per its original design.
Yasser al Mashaikhi is a banker with a passion for photography and he said, “This is a great place to get some fine photography. I am ashamed that as an Omani, I have only come now to the Muttrah Fort. The fort is well maintained and provides great insight to the history. It is really amazing and gives 360 degrees view of Muttrah.”
Once at the fort, make sure to climb at the very top to have an overview above the East and West Towers and the curtain walls. The East and West Towers give a clear view of the distance ahead. It could very well be that one has travelled back in time but for the modern day houses and the beautiful road that snakes along the Muttrah Bay.

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