Five water activities you can do with your family

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The weather has been absolutely amazing this Omani winter and what better way to spend the weekends than with your family, friends and loved ones. A country surrounded by sea on three sides, there are plenty of opportunities to frolic in its emerald, crystal clear waters. If you are looking forward to maximising your time with your family, here are some ideas you can do utilising one of the country’s best assets — its body of water.

Go to the beach

To spend a day at one of Oman’s spectacular beaches means to enjoy the white and golden sands of Oman and the crystal turquoise waters. Oman has a coastline that is over 2000 kilometres long, So wherever you are in Muscat, you’re never more than a 30-minute drive away from the sea! In Muscat and around the Sultanate, the coastline consists of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether it’s just a day out catch a few waves, build sand castles, skip stones or have a little picnic. Just be sure to clean up after yourselves and not litter the beach.

Take a boat trip

If the day out on the beach isn’t enough, why not go to one of the many locations where one can hire out a boat and go out into the sea for the day? Most of Oman’s beaches offer cruises in small boats or dhows for around an hour, to enjoy the sea, the mountains and the surrounding beauty. Some of the best beaches in Oman are Al Qurum and Al Bustan beaches in Muscat, Khasab beach in Musandam, Ras Al Had beach in Al Sharqiya region, and Al Mughsail beach in Dhofar.

Check out the marine life

Above water, the sultanate has some beautiful, unique places that are bound to leave you mesmerised. But venture into the sea and you’ll be welcomed to an extraordinary experience that is sure to leave you in awe. A great way to see the diverse marine life and many natural gems of the underworld is by going snorkelling or even diving if you have the required training. From the bright colours of coral reefs to marine fishes and the many other amazing and unique, things to see are endless! The best places to do these are Al Qantab beach in Muscat, Khasab beach in Musandam and Salalah beach in Dhofar.

Watch the dolphins and green turtles

Did you know that Oman has a natural reserve for green turtles? Ras Al Had is not only a reserve for these endangered creatures, but it also witnesses the arrival of the green turtles every year to its beach to lay their eggs. Several tours are organized for visitors to see the turtles and watch the babies hatching from their eggs and returning to the sea. There are also the beautiful dolphins by the beach of Musandam Governorate in northern Oman, which must be included in a visit to the country

Go Kayaking or jet-skiing

Head on over to Qurum beach or the many other beaches and organisations that offer its visitors the opportunity to take advantage of the calm Arabian Sea and get the thrill of zooming through the water on jetski’s or kayak through into the sunset if that is more your gig. Also, an option is night kayaking. The experience is something else completely. You are surrounded by the towering mountains backlit with city lights, the clear starry sky above and the rustling of the paddles and fishes in the distance. An added element? Completely undisturbed by lights, every time the paddle disturbed the calm waters or you wave your hands through the water you were surprised with an explosive display for neon blue dots that took over the water surrounding the kayak.

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