Golden Tulip Al Seeb goes out of service

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MUSCAT: Oman Aviation Services has announced that Golden Tulip Al Seeb will be officially out of service after July 31, 2019 as the hotel’s land will be re-utilised for future projects aimed at enhancing the Aviation Hospitality Sector in the upcoming period. This will take place in accordance with a clear strategy and vision that is in line with the integrated systems of the Aviation and Tourism Sectors in the Sultanate.
Golden Tulip Al Seeb, formerly known as Novotel Al Seeb Muscat, was founded in 1984 by the International Hospitality Group “Accor Hotels” and is considered as one of the oldest hotels in the Capital City of Muscat. In 2004, the Golden Tulip Hospitality Group began managing and operating the Hotel, and then it was renamed as the “Golden Tulip Hotel” under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
In 2009, the ownership of the Hotel was transferred to Oman Air, where the Hotel gained a prominent place in the market due to its exceptional Hospitality Standards. In February 2018, Oman Aviation Hospitality — a subsidiary of Oman Aviation Services — took over the responsibility of managing the hotel. The company is working to implement the strategic plans of Oman Aviation Services that have been set to expand the provision of high quality Hospitality Services and to offer innovative features and technologies in the Hospitality Sector. This will in turn translate the strategic role of Oman Aviation Services in the creation of destinations and the development of Sustainable Hospitality that actively supports the Economic Diversification Plans and that provides a positive Investment Environment for the Hospitality Sector in the Sultanate of Oman.
The hotel has approximately 129 employees, including 51 highly qualified National Staff with a long experience in the field of Hospitality Services. These staff have proudly contributed with their hard work and dedication to building the distinctive identity of Oman Aviation Hospitality. In time with the closure of the hotel, Oman Aviation Services joined forces with the Ministry of Manpower and Oman Aviation Group to create sustainable employment opportunities for the hotel’s staff.
Fortunately, the outcome of this remarkable cooperation was evidently positive as approximately 60 employees have found a second home in Oman Aviation Services and its subsidiaries, each according to their work specialization and individual qualifications.
This number comprised all the existing Omani staff at the Hotel including 5 Omani employees who have reached the retirement age and were referred to retirement at their discretion. Furthermore, a total of 33 employees with great expertise in the various areas of hospitality were successfully able to find job opportunities in numerous hotels within Oman in coordination with the Management of Golden Tulip Hotel.

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