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After 14 years in construction and preparation, the Bait ar Rudaydah Centre of Excellence for Historic Arms in Birkat al Mouz will open to public on April 3.

Housed in the 17th century Bayt ar Rudaydah Castle at the foothills of Jebel Akhdar, the heritage weapons museum displays the historical small arms collection not only from Oman but also from Europe as well as America.

“It’s a collection aimed at the world, not just from Oman though we have some fabulous Omani guns. We’ve got fantastic guns from the UK, Germany, France, America, and so on. The collection looks out to the world and there is no another collection here which does so. It should be a great draw for foreign visitors and Omanis,” Dr Christopher Roads, who manages the centre, told Muscat Daily earlier.

Dr Roads is the managing director of Historic Arms, Exhibitions & Forts, that oversees the operations of the museum.

The organisers will have special preview for media and special guests on April 2 and “will be shown extraordinary exhibits and displays uniquely themed on functionality”, the firm stated.

“The centre is designed for the world and all visitors from wherever they come but it also possesses a very fine collection of arms of major Omani interest. Simultaneously it targets, on the one hand, cruise ship visitors and other upmarket categories and, on the other hand, schools, universities and the services. Nevertheless there is a great deal for everyone,” the firm stated.

Dr Roads started designing the Bait ar Rudaydah centre in 2004, at the request of late H E Dr Rajiha bint Abdulameer bin Ali, then Minister of Tourism.

The museum will be open all days from 9am to 4pm except on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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