MCBS seminar looks at strategic importance of transport and tourism to economy

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 Modern College of Business and Science (MCBS) hosted a seminar on ‘Transport and Tourism’ at Muscat InterContinental Hotel on Wednesday. The Guest of Honour was Dr Abdulmunim bin Mansour al Hasani, Minister of Information. In opening remarks, Saleh al Shaibany, Director of Industrial Liaison — MCBS, said the seminar underscored the College’s commitment to developing MCBS as a hub for learning and excellence in the fields of transport, logistics and aviation. He noted efforts by the College to encourage entrepreneurship among young Omanis eager to venture into these and other fields.
Commenting on the seminar’s objectives, Dr Khalfan al Asmi, Dean, said the tourism sector was being positioned as the most important economic industry in the Sultanate next to hydrocarbons, given its potential to drive GDP growth, support job creation, and stimulate entrepreneurial opportunities for young Omanis. Transport and logistics were equally promising as emerging economic sectors, he said.
Sponsored by Oman Airports and Oman LNG, the half-day event featured a total of eight presentations focusing on themes relevant to the Sultanate’s transport and tourism industries. Leading the line-up of presenters was Shaikh Aimen al Hosni, CEO of Oman Airports, who was followed by Peter Walichnowski, CEO of Omran Group.
The roster of distinguished speakers also included: Shahid Rasool, Deputy CEO of OMINVEST; Dr Peter Newman, Head of Tourism Management at Pennsylvania University; Abdullah al Jufaili, Head of Retail Enterprises — Bank Muscat; Saleh al Shaibany, Director of Industrial Liaison — MCBS; Warith al Kharusi, Board Member — Transport and Logistics Association; Israa Salim al Ajmi, Team Member — Wanderlust Oman; and Mireille Talal Shouaib, CEO — Lunar Cinemas

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