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The Ministry of Tourism (MoT) has done its best to ensure that all facilities are ready for the khareef season in Dhofar governorate.

The ministry has set up 44 mobile lavatories and announced the opening of a number of new hotels.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Marhoon bin Saeed al Ameri, director general of tourism in Dhofar governorate, said, “Thirty-five hotel establishments are ready for the season. They have a total of 4,115 rooms with 6,132 beds.”

He said the hotel sector is well prepared for the season.

Ameri said that the Salalah Rotana Resort and Fanar Hotel have completed their expansion into Hawana Salalah destination. The four-star Millennium Hotel Salalah has opened in Al Saadah area. Similarly, the four-star Bilad Point Hotel and the three-star Bristol Hotel Salalah and Salalah Royal Hotel Suites have also opened. The Salalah Royal Hotel Suites is located in a thriving business district opposite the Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Salalah and has 64 suites and apartments. This is to meet the increasing requirements of accommodation of tourists in the governorate, as every year the number increases.

“The Ministry of Tourism operates four tourist information centres in Dhofar governorate – at Hafeet checkpoint, Salalah Tourism Festival site, Gardens Mall and Salalah Airport. The tourist information centres provide tourists and citizens with information regarding significant tourist attractions as well as tourism booklets and maps,” Ameri said.

Talking about the lavatories,   he said, “The ministry is providing a number of services to the visitors, including 44 mobile toilets. They consist of eight to 12 bathrooms, one of which is for the disabled. They operate round the clock.”

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