Oman Aquarium cuts entry fee by half for three categories

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Muscat: Students, families receiving social security and people with special needs will now be able to visit the aquarium at Mall of Muscat for half price, according to the chairman of Al Jarwani Group.

In an online statement, Sheikh Mahmoud Al Jarwani said: “Taking into account the views of society, we have decided to reduce the entry fee by 50 per cent for three categories: students, social security families, and people with special needs.”

“The Aquarium project at the Muscat Mall has cost more than OMR15 million and has thirteen ecosystems to conserve the diversity of aquatic areas,” the chairman added.

Currently, the ticket price for adults is OMR8.5 and OMR6.5 for children.


Both expatriates and Omanis appreciated the reduction in prices. Ghina J. Buena, an expat based in Muscat welcomed the reduction, saying “Good news. 50 per cent off the price. Now I can take my kids there”.

Another Omani citizen said that it was a great initiative by the authorities to accommodate people from different backgrounds.

“I wouldn’t get into the debate of the ticket prices at Oman Aquarium being expensive or cheap. However, I really appreciate the move from the organisers to consider the financial situation of people from different walks of life. This move will definitely give everyone a chance to see the biggest aquarium in the Middle East as well as enjoy a perfect day out,” said Faisal Al Balushi.

Oman’s first aquarium opened its doors to the public on April 14, 2019. It is located inside the Mall of Muscat and features many Omani fish as well as sharks, lobsters, turtles, rays, local corals, penguins and crocodiles.

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