Oman’s tourism industry gears up for Eid vacations

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Muscat: Oman’s tourist industry is all set to welcome the influx of visitors during the Eid Al Fitr holidays, according to the Ministry of Tourism.

Tourism Directors in various governorates confirmed that hotels and amenities were now ready with their services, tourists’ programmes and offers for the summer season which begins with the Eid Al Fitr holidays.

Marwan Al Ghassani, Director of Promotions in the Directorate General of Tourism in Dhofar said that the 34 hotels and apartments licensed for tourism were ready for business, with over two thousand beds available.

Saud Al Alawi, Director of the Department of Tourism in the governorate of Southern Shariqyah said that the ministry had co-operated fully with government and private sector organisations in providing the facilities and services required by tourists. 11 public toilets with 77 separate facilities for men and women as well as for people with disabilities are available in this area.

Speaking about the facilities available in the governorate of Northern Batinah, the Director of Tourism confirmed that over one thousand rooms were available in many types of tourist accommodation, including 13 hotels. South Al Batinah governorate is also looking forward to welcoming visitors over Eid Al Fitr, offering 427 rooms in 16 different establishments.

Nasser bin Marhoon Al Abdali, Director of Tourism Department in Al Wusta governate said that the area was famous for its long coastal strip made up of a variety of different types of beach, including the rocky coastline of Ras Maduraka and Al Shuwair in Wilayat Duqm and the soft, “sugar dunes” of Al Jazir, Mahut and Al Khalouf

The beaches of Al Wusta governorate are also famous for their calm, pristine nature, and their biological diversity. Moderate weather throughout the year and cool breezes mean that visitors can enjoy a beautiful picnic or barbecue, go camping or experience the sunrise or sunset on one of these beautiful beaches. You can also spot rare migratory birds and enjoy water sports such as fishing, swimming and windsurfing. Al Wusta is ready to welcome tourists with 592 rooms available for visitors.

The Director of Tourism reminded potential visitors of the importance of careful driving in general and in populated areas in particular, pointing out that four-wheel drive vehicles are necessary for some sites. He also advised booking accommodation well in advance. For safety reasons, tourists are reminded not to swim when the tide is high or during unusual weather conditions. All visitors to Al Wusta are asked to remember to dispose of their litter and to keep the area clean.

Mohammed Al-Dhahawai, Director of Tourism in Musandam governorate, is looking forward to an influx of tourists from within the Sultanate and abroad during the holidays, adding that Musand has eight hotels and two hotel apartments, offering 513 rooms.

Zahran Al Nabhani, Director of Tourism in Al Buraimi governorate, confirmed that the 26 hotel establishments, offering 954 hotel rooms, are ready to receive tourists during Al Fitr holidays. This area expects large numbers of tourists from the UAE due to its geographical proximity.

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