OMRAN launches Atana Stay Al Ashkhara

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Driving the robust growth of domestic tourism across the Sultanate, Oman Tourism Development Company (OMRAN), the executive arm of the Sultanate for tourism development, has launched Atana Stay Al Ashkhara. An official inauguration ceremony was held yesterday under the auspices of Shaikh Abdullah bin Mustahail bin Salim Shammas, Governor of South Al Sharqiyah governorate, and attended by members of OMRAN management and government officials and stakeholders. The hotel will welcome its first guests on August 1, 2019.
As part of OMRAN’s strategic plan to create unique and world-class tourism assets, the launch of the Atana Stay Ashkhara comes after the recent opening of the Atana Stay Hotel in Salalah. Atana Stay Ashkhara houses 46 rooms that reflect the authenticity of Al Ashkhara and Al Sharqiyah Governorate, through its contemporary and youthful design. The hotel features a range of renovated and new facilities designed to provide a rich experience to families and visitors.
Shaikh Abdullah bin Mustahail bin Salim Shammas, Governor of South Al Sharqiyah commented: “We applaud OMRAN on delivering this unique project and revamping the youth hostel in Al Ashkhara into a modern hotel facility. This new tourism attraction aligns with national tourism strategy to boost domestic tourism through various initiatives and projects in different destinations within Oman.”
He continued: “Al Ashkhara is a unique tourism destination that demonstrates the diversity of Oman and South Al Sharqiyah Governorate. It is known for its splendid rich beaches overlooking the Arabian Sea. Atana Stay Al Ashkhara indeed, will be an ideal escape for the visitors who are eager to discover Oman from a different angle”.
Peter Walichnowski, CEO of OMRAN commented: “As part of our remit to provide unique hospitality experiences that boost the domestic tourism, we created Atana Stay Al Ashkhara to be a place where guests can ‘stay real and relaxed’, creating stories and memories worth sharing

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