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The wilayat of Yanqul in the Governorate of Dhahirah is famous for its many villages and towns with more than 70 settlements scattered over its valleys and towering mountains.

The village of Falaj al Sidariyin is located about 14km from the centre of the wilayat. It is a village famous for the diversity of its agriculture crops.

” Falaj al Sidariyin grows garlic, onions, wheat and corn, besides date palms, fruit trees including bananas and citruses, and legumes, ” said Mohammed bin Khamis al Sudairi, a resident of the village.

The village derives its name from its falaj, which irrigates the agricultural farms. It is an inexhaustible falaj that flows throughout the year and has been maintained by the government.

According to Sudairi, Falaj al Sidariyin is characterised by moderate climate, beauty of nature, and the greenery of its farms, which attract visitors from not just the wilayat but beyond it.

Besides the agricultural area of Kuthab, Falaj al Sidariyin also has a number of ancient monuments, a tower and its remains atop a mountain overlooking the village, and remnants of an old fort in the vicinity of its mosque.

The village has witnessed a renaissance in various fields as it is now connected via a paved road from the centre of Yanqul. The village has modern homes and a network of internal roads with a walkway at the entrance to the wilayat, in addition to two schools – one for boys and the other for girls.

Falaj al Sidariyin has a number of public councils (majlis) where various social events are held and are a meeting point for the   villagers

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