Sleep under the stars

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 Come October, it is time to head to desert. Tourism camps in North and South Al Sharqiyah have completed preparations to welcome the people. The Ministry of Tourism promotes and encourages camps with special emphasis on safety.  Talal bin Khalfan al Sheibi, the Director of Tourism Administration in North Al Sharqiyah, said: “There are a number of positive indicators that encourage us to receive the new season with great expectation. Most of the camps registered an occupancy rate of 100 per cent. The tourism administration made a number of inspection drives to make sure all preparations made by the camps are in line with the standards specified to attract more visitors. The preparations that were carried out in summer included restoration works, changing furniture, insect control, adding new rooms, inspecting transportation inside the camps and making sure all licences are valid.
A total of 13 camps in North Al Sharqiyah and 5 in South Al Sharqiyah provide tourists and visitors with a variety of activities and programmes such sand skiing and surfing, biking and camel riding.
There are a number of activities for the tourists and visitors who wish to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities to enjoy tranquillity and stillness of deserts.
Saud bin Hamad al Alawi, Director of Tourism Administration in South Al Sharqiyah, said, “There are five tourism camps which provide world class hospitality and hotel services and products. The tourism camps add value of the national economy. Gamal bin Nasir al Alawi, the owner of Turtle Beach, said: “We made well-tailored preparations as we coordinated promotion with travel companies and tour operators and carried out required maintenance works. We have a variety of programmes that the tourists and visitors come to enjoy; among these activities are visiting turtle reserve, dolphin watching, fishing and cruises. We give environment preservation a priority as the camp is built from local raw materials. In addition to the suits and rooms, we have a theatre where art and music activities are performed and a number of restaurants and coffee shops that serve global and local recipes.
Abdulaziz al Hasni, the owner of Al Reem Desert Camp, said: “Every year we undertake maintenance. Every season we offer new programmes and activities to make the tourists and visitors flocking to our camp. The tourists and visitors enjoy camel riding, adventures in sand, the traditional Omani arts, the Bedouin lifestyle and folk music. Sometimes, we offer special activities such celebrating the new year, or honey moon or anniversaries.
“We have full cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism that support us and meet our needs to offer more products and services that match the high standards specified.”
Al Wadhah al Hinai, Executive Director of Golden Palm Oasis Camp, said: “Since the end of the last season, we have been working on the preparations for the forthcoming one. We added more facilities and programmes based on feedback of our visitors. We offer a variety of programmes and activities to the tourists and visitors, like visits to the houses in the region to explore the authentic traditions of the Omanis.”

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