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The Ministry of Tourism’s (MoT) campaigns to attract more tourists in summer months has started to bear fruit. As many as 296,000 tourists visited Oman in July,

a 4.8 per cent rise compared to the same period last year.


MoT has organised 315 promotional campaigns around the world in the last three years. ‘Of the 315 campaigns, 108 were in 2016, 86 in 2017 and 121 in 2018,’ MoT said. ‘Our tourist representative offices organised promotional campaigns in cooperation with travel and advertising agencies.’

In 2018, the ministry held 121 such campaigns including 28 in the GCC countries, 21 in India, 20 in France, 19 in Germany, 17 in the UK, 13 in the Netherlands, and three in Italy.

MoT is targeting non-traditional source markets like Russia, China and Iran whose citizens can now get visa-on-arrival or an eVisa. It has plans of establishing tourist representative offices in Iran and China while an office in Russia was opened late last year.


Khareef visitors

The total number of visitors to Dhofar until noon of September 3 reached 751,204. The three-month khareef season began on June 21. According to the National Centre for Statistics and Information’s annual statistical survey of the khareef season, Omanis constituted the highest number of visitors at 533,804.

Among the GCC visitors, Emiratis topped the list at 58,236, followed by Saudis at 44,955 and Bahrainis at 9,799. Qatari visitors comrpised 7,874 while Kuwaitis were at 6,274. The total number of Arab visitors constituted 25,508 while 58,159 Asians travelled to Dhofar during the khareef season. Visitors from Europe totalled 4,324 while 2,279 travellers were from other nations.

The total number of visitors till September 1 was 749 488, which was a decline of 6.8 per cent as compared to last year when the total was 804,296.

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