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SQU to organise international conference on frankincense

Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) will organise the first edition of the International Conference on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants: Recent Developments in Scientific Research and Industry from October 30 to November 1. The conference is part of the growing interest in the discovery of new medicines and products derived from medicinal plants in general, and frankincense […]

Oman Aquarium joins clean-up dive at Port of Duqm

With a vision to promote marine conservation, education and research across the Sultanate of Oman and the Gulf region, Oman Aquarium’s diving personnel recently teamed up with Oman Divers network for a successful clean-up dive at Port of Duqm harbour, in Al Wusta. Volunteers from the Oman Divers team were joined by Asaad al Hassni, […]


MUSCAT – Oman Power and Water Procurement Company (OPWP) has shortlisted eight international companies and consortia for the development of Ghubrah III independent water project (IWP). The company had initiated prequalification process for the new water project in the first quarter of this year. The proposed new water desalination plant in Ghubrah will have a capacity […]


MUSCAT – Asyad has launched an incubator programme, Ibhar, to create and grow young businesses and promote the growth of successful startups in the logistics sector. The incubator programme will provide the accepted startups and ideas with a comprehensive and integrated range of support, stated a press release. The programme will offer incubator space, business support […]

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National Museum

[title_nd tag="h3" align="left" title="National Museum" color="#7c7c7c"] The National Museum, formerly known as the Museum of the House of Mr. Nadir Bin Faisal Bin Turki was first opened in 1978. In 1988, it was shifted to Ruwi and was renamed as the ‘National Museum’. National Museum, dedicated to the cultural heritage of Oman includes a number [...]

Teeq Cave

[title_nd tag="h3" align="left" title="Teeq Cave" color="#7c7c7c"] Teeq cave is located 57 kilometres NEE from Salalah in Dhofar Governorate. Teeq Cave is near the top of the sinkhole Tawi Ateer Sinkhole, popularly known as the ‘Bird Well’ and also one of the world’s largest sinkholes. Both Teeq cave and tawi Ateer Sinkhole are important tourist destinations. [...]

Majlis Al Jinn Cave

[title_nd tag="h3" align="left" title="Majlis Al Jinn Cave" color="#7c7c7c"] Majlis Al Jinn Cave is located at the northern limit of Salma Plateau near the village of Fins in Wilayat Qurayyat in the Governorate of Muscat. It is situated along the road linking Fins with Tiwi Village of Wilayat Sur in the Ash Sharqiyah South Governorate. It [...]

Al Marnif Cave

[title_nd tag="h3" align="left" title="Al Marnif Cave" color="#7c7c7c"] Al Marnif Cave lies in Shatti Al Mughsayl area about 40 kilometres from Salalah in Governorate of Dhofar. It overlooks the Arabian Sea and Al Mughsayl blow-holes, a natural phenomenon resulting from the momentum of the water surging into the cavities of rock that lie mostly under water. [...]