Empowering families by empowering women

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Women were at the centre of a recently concluded arts and culture programme organised by the Oman Chapter of Bhavalya held at the auditorium of the Indian Embassy in Muscat.
Colours 2019 became a launching pad for the art of four Omani and four Indian artists all guided by the theme “Empowering Families by Empowering Women.”
Graced by the presence of Munu Mahawar, Ambassador of India to Oman, some notable attendees included guest of honour Yusra Mouzughi and Doho Kang, Ambassador of Korea to Oman.
The jam-packed hall had a wide variety of audience from teachers, scholars, principals, CEOs, home-makers and eminent personalities from various facets and profession gracing and rejoicing on the womanhood in society.
Each painting on display was unique and had a story behind it. The guests were completely soaked by the deep thoughts and feelings behind each painting and wondered how beautifully it is connected to so many souls around them.
While the 16 work of art by the eight women artists showcased what they capable of doing, other activities included dance performances, book launching and poetry — all a brainchild of Dr J Retnakumar, the founder and chairman of the organisation. Invited speakers were Dr Shamsa Al Harthy and Sushmita Gupta.
The engrossing talks by the speakers, experience sharing, poetry and the mesmerizing performance by the artists enthralled and kept the audience so connected that the show had over run from its scheduled closure, went unnoticed with most staying back till the conclusion to enjoy and absorb as much as possible.
Amina Yusra announced the release of her self-empowerment book called “The Magical Voyage of the Phoenix” and highly-acclaimed Bharatnatyam performaners Padmini Krishnamurthy & Kumari Shivani Krishnamurthy made the evening more engaging.
Bhavalya acts as a global center for the promotion and propagation of universal art forms including music, drama, classical dance-forms and painting, among others. It is a platform reflective of the changing society and then celebrates the diversity through performance and exhibition.

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