Falling in love at first sight with Mughsayl

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If I have to choose my favourite destination in my three years of stay in Oman, it has to be Mughsayl located in Dhofar. I still remember the day I first visited this gem of Arabia. It was mid-afternoon and there was hardly anyone in its pristine, beautiful beach. I took the opportunity to explore it fully.
To be honest, I fell in love at first sight with not only the view of the turquoise coloured waters splashing on the cliff and forming beautiful foaming waves but also the drive itself going to Mughsayl. It is so enchanting that you automatically feel you are in another world.
So far, I must have visited Mughsayl seven or eight times but each time, I fall in love with it even more. There is some calmness to the soul whenever I witness its beauty and I feel great comfort as soon as I step on its welcoming sandy beach.
Indeed, the quote written right at the mouth of Marneef Cave is ever so true — “Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories.”
I can bet, you will never come across anyone who has not fallen in love with Mughsayl. With each visit, it only gets better. Mughsayl truly reflects the beauty of Oman, and yes for me, beauty has an address and no place better represent that than this paradise found in the lap of Dhofar.
Some places compel you to take photographs because of their natural allure. For all its glorious scenes, Mughsayl has awakened the photographer in me. The moment my photos of all its natural wonders started getting featured in the national newspapers of Oman, it certainly boosted my confidence and helped me become a better travel photographer.
Located 37 km away from the main city of Salalah, it takes around at least 30 to 45 minutes to reach. The drive is so scenic and one of a kind. Whether you plan to visit this place during Khareef or in the month of December, the drive will coerce you to stare out of the car window.
The huge barren mountains will make you step out of your car to stare at the bewildering face of nature and as you traverse its long, often serpentine roads, you will find yourself in awe of its roller-coaster roads which every corner keeps a secret.
Finally, the moment you turn right and the sight of the bright blue ocean water becomes visible, you actually would want to sit on the left side of the car to fully enjoy the famous marine drive.
Mughsayl is a true pride of Dhofar and because it has been kept as natural as possible, it continues to make a unique experience for everyone especially those coming within the region who gets surprised by the splendour of its natural offerings. And when the road and water finally walk alongside your car, you will surely take out your camcorder and begin recording.
When you find yourself here before this awe-inspiring beauty, I will suggest for you to first explore Marneef caves and its funnily scandalous blowholes. Spend a few minutes taking the scenes in and when you feel like you’d been recharge, head back to the beach.
The Marneef Caves are carved out of limestone made unique by the varied shapes of overhanging rocks. It’s the perfect place to leisurely watch the blue ocean while enjoying the cool breeze and the shade of the gargantuan mountain which will usually leave you wonderstruck.
For my experience, I usually get confused about whether I should look at the shoreline or at the huge rock formations.
Walk a little further towards the west side of Marneef and you will be treated with the view of huge jets of seawater streaming out of some openings in the rocks. When strong waves hit underneath the rock, water streams out in the form of jets compelling you to stand on the metalmesh that covers the blowholes and get wet.
On weekends, you will surely find kids enjoying this phenomenon. Move a little further towards the last view spot and you will witness a mesmerizing view of the turquoise water splashing wildly on the cliff and forming a beautiful white lattice work. The mountains form a beautiful pattern and the view of the never ending ocean will surely make an ideal backdrop for your potential social media viral photos.
Here, the sitting area is ample or you can sit within the gazebo and enjoy barbeques with a view.
Mughsayl is the most famous destination in Salalah not only for tourists but for locals as well. On your way back from Marneef, drop by at Mughsayl beach and enjoy the smooth sand and the view of sunset. This beach is full of colourful pebbles and laid before enticing sand, you have to do away with your shoes and sandals and let your feet experience this gift of nature.
Mughsayl’s beauty is beyond words. This place will fill your heart with gratitude and brings you closer to nature. If you really want to witness nature unaltered, then plan your visit to Mughsayl.

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