Indoor trampoline adventure park springs into action in June

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 Renowned across the region, BOUNCE will soon be leaping into Oman. Set to be located in Al Ghubrah, spanning over 4,000 sqm, the ultimate indoor playground, BOUNCE, is all you can imagine and more – trampolines, climbing walls, parkour areas and a few things we aren’t going to tell you about yet. Do you want to be a part of this new adventure? BOUNCE is looking for enthusiastic and new recruits to join their crew and is putting the word out for stunt-lovers, freestyle fanatics and all-out cool individuals. An X-Factor style audition will be held at Muscat Grand Mall during April 18-19. Contestants will have to demonstrate their smooth moves and showcase their incredible personalities. Whoever wins the judges’ favour will be invited back to the next round of the competition to earn a spot in the BOUNCE Oman Tribe.
Khalid al Maawali, partner at BOUNCE said, “I first experienced BOUNCE in Dubai three years ago and immediately fell in love with the concept, the brand and the BOUNCE Tribe. I’m so excited to announce that we are coming to Muscat. BOUNCE offers something different, an amazing adrenaline-fuelled experience led by a Tribe whose single-minded focus is to ‘Bring the Love and Inspire Progression’. Watch this space!” Head to for a complete rundown on BOUNCE Oman and how to apply for the auditions.
Ever since its establishment in 2012 at Melbourne, Australia, BOUNCE currently comprises of 32 indoor trampoline centres across 4 continents. BOUNCE encompasses the principle of ‘inspire movement, creative expression and human connection’, catering to over 3 million customers across various age groups, including pre-schoolers, school children and teenagers, elite athletes, fitness class enthusiasts and corporate groups. BOUNCE continues to deliver an unmatched customer experience in a friendly, motivational and engaging environment.

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