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To enhance visitors’ experience, the National Museum will open a restaurant – Majlis al Luban – this month.

In an emailed reply to Muscat Daily, National Museum said, “It [Restaurant] will offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, and will cater to special and corporate events.

“The restaurant will be called Majlis al Luban, operated by the hospitality arm of Al Siraj Holdings. The group has been operating Bait al Luban in Muttrah for the last four years and has won the Best Middle Eastern restaurant award in Oman twice. Majlis al Luban will serve traditional and contemporary Omani cuisine prepared by our award winning chefs.” The soft opening of the restaurant will be held in the second half of this month while the grand opening will be held later.

“The restaurant’s culinary experience will enrich the overall authentic cultural experience of visitors to the museum and would provide for a new layer of engagement with our heritage.”

In the reply the museum added, “As such Omani cuisine and the centuries-old virtues of hospitality constitute an essential part of Oman’s intangible heritage to which there are permanent sections dedicated within the Land and the People’s Gallery and the Intangible Heritage Gallery.” The reply stated that the restaurant will be located to the east of the main museum building. It will be connected to the main museum building by a colonnade space and will have access to the Maidan, the museum’s main public space.

The reply added, “It will be open for both the general public and visitors of the National Museum. “Visitors will be able to enjoy dining in this national landmark tucked away at pristine courtyard next to the grand Qasr al Alam Palace and with close proximity to Bait Faransa museum, Education Museum at Sayidiyah School in Muscat, Bait al Zubair Museum and Bait Muzna Gallery.”
The restaurant will be open from 9am to 6pm.

The National Museum was established by the Royal Decree 62/2013 in November 2013 to study, preserve, showcase and promote Oman’s cultural heritage.

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